Nest Thermostat

Bryant Burnett is now a Nest Pro

The Nest Thermostat, or home authorization control, whichever you want to call it is the latest in what is available for your home. With this product, you can connect cameras, smoke detectors, doorbells and even lighting that can be controlled from your smartphone. In conjunction with a Google home hub, you can even talk to your thermostat.

Let’s not forget the ultimate in Home Safety

Did you know that not only do your batteries in your smoke detector die, the detector itself expires. The Nest Protect is good for ten years. When there is an alert, either smoke or carbon monoxide, it talks to you to tell you what the alert is, where it is and how severe it is. It will also send an alert to your phone, and if you know about the “smoke in the kitchen” and it is not necessarily an emergency you can silence that alarm from your phone.

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