Look at your thermostat display.

  • Is it blank or faded?
  • Does it have a battery icon on it or does it say change battery?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then try new batteries. If you are uncomfortable doing this call us at (502)897-5287.

Most furnaces have a standard light switch on the side of them. Make sure it is on.

If you cannot find a switch or are uncomfortable with this, call us at 502-897-5287.

Most systems have at least two breakers. One for the furnace and the other for the A/C. Check to make sure they are on and even turn them off and reset them.

If you cannot locate the breakers or are uncomfortable doing this, call us at (502)897-5287.

Every system has at least one filter. These filters need to be replacesd or cleaned as often as every 30 days although some do last longer.

If you are not sure the last time the filter was checked, then do so. Change it or clean it as needed. If this doesn’t solve your issue, call us at (502)897-5287.


We are always here to help! Call Bryant Burnett Heating an Air Conditioning at 502-897-5287, 24 hours, 7 days a week.