Welcome to Magnate Wealth Management

It is our tremendous pleasure to introduce Magnate® Wealth Management to our existing and prospective clientele. Our mission is to enrich the lives of those we serve, by providing sound professional financial advice and evidence-based investment management services. By developing relationships rooted in trust, putting our clients’ goals first, explaining complex financial topics in easy to understand language and continuously providing guidance; we believe we can attain our goal.

Magnate Wealth Management is an independent wealth management firm, specializing in (1) comprehensive financial planning and (2) evidence-based investment management solutions. Our strategic partnership with Dimensional Fund Advisors demonstrates our commitment to providing our clients with a world-class investment management experience based upon robust academic evidence.

Our Wealth Advisors receive rigorous training in Magnate Wealth Management’s holistic planning approach, behavioral finance and Dimensional Fund Advisors’ investment philosophy, which is built upon academic research including that of multiple Nobel laureates in Economics.

We believe everyone, regardless of amount of assets or investment experience deserves comprehensive financial advice and access to world-class investment management services. Regardless of which Magnate Wealth Management Advisor you work with, we promise to put your best interests first and provide you the best investing experience we have to offer.

Our approach is different, which is why it is successful. Our goal isn’t simply to pick investments that may “beat the market.” We prefer to help families achieve specific goals such as; paying off your mortgage, saving for your children’s college or helping you remain comfortable in retirement. In our view, evidence-based investment management should be wrapped inside the financial planning process. It is on this basis we evaluate and choose investments for ourselves and our clients.

We do our own research, develop evidence-based investment strategies in concert with our strategic partner, Dimensional Fund Advisors, and implement by choosing investments we recommend to our own families. We share this information with investors like you and encourage you to consider becoming our client and invest the way we invest.

We look forward to the opportunity to discuss our vision of what an investment experience should be and how our time-tested approach may benefit you and your family.